France, stabs three people at Gare de Lyon: “He has an Italian driver’s license”

At least three people were injured in a knife attack at Gare de Lyon station in Paris. It happened at 7:45am on Saturday, February 3, and a man was arrested. The police have not yet revealed the reasons for the gesture. Of the injured, one is in a serious condition, but his life is not at risk, the others are at a slight risk to his life.

According to French media reports, the attacker is 32 years old and suffers from mental disorders. He would not have shouted anything before the attack. Le Figaro, which has journalist Christophe Cornevin on site, reveals that the detained man is African and “certainly of Malian nationality”, report police sources cited by the newspaper. However, the man had an Italian driver’s license. According to reports, he was armed with a knife and a hammer. After the attack he set fire to his backpack, before being arrested by railway police.

Source: IL Tempo