The Public Prosecution Service has started a campaign in Barranquilla to prevent human trafficking

The Public Prosecution Service has through its crime prevention program Crime ‘Future Colombia’, and in the context of the Barranquilla Carnival 2024, a full day course in the capital of the Atlantic with the goal increasing awareness among various social actors and preventing the commission of the crime of human trafficking.

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The Atlantic Ocean Section Director, Elkin Chiquilloalong with his team of advisors and researchers from the Technical Research Corps (CTI) arrived at the Transport terminal to discuss these topics with interdepartmental bus drivers, administrative staff and, among other things, the Terminal’s human talent.

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“The #EsoEsCuento national strategy has been designed with the purpose to make crucial information public about the phenomenon of human trafficking, migrant smuggling and sexual exploitation,” said Chiquillo Povea, adding that the said activity targets people who could get into trouble. vulnerable situation and who may know of one of these cases.

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Source: El heraldo