President’s visit to Africa. Duda is accompanied by a politician from the left

Andrzej Duda and his wife are on an official visit to Africa. The president is accompanied by the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Andrzej Szejna (New Left).

On Monday, the Presidents of Poland and Kenya, William Samoei Ruto, spoke in Nairobi about the future directions of the development of economic relations between the countries, cooperation in the field of agriculture and the food and energy crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Szejna accompanies Duda. “He represented Poland”

After the delegation’s discussions, a ceremony took place in the presence of the heads of state, during which, among other things, memoranda were signed. in the field of agriculture and rural development. “Poland was represented by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Andrzej Szejna,” we read in a statement from the President’s Chancellery.

“Deputy Minister Szejna will accompany the presidential couple during their visit to Kenya,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. “The aim, among other things, is to establish cooperation on the basis of construction projects that bring mutual benefits and to share experiences from Poland’s systemic transformation with Kenyan partners,” we read in a statement published by the Ministry of Diplomacy on the platform (formerly Twitter).

The president in Kenya about Crimea

The president was asked at a news conference in Nairobi about talks about Russian aggression against Ukraine and his loud statement on Crimea, in which he said the peninsula “if we look historically, was under Russian control most of the time.”

– When it comes to our position on Russian aggression against Ukraine and how the war should end, it is the restoration of the primacy of international law. – This means the return of Ukraine to its internationally recognized borders, to full control over the areas that are internationally recognized territories of Ukraine, including Crimea, he said.

– I want to strongly emphasize this, because let us not forget that the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which actually started in 2014, started, among other things: since the occupation of Crimea. And this occupation of Crimea is still ongoing, he added.

According to Duda, “Russia must leave the occupied territories of Ukraine,” while Ukraine must “regain control over all internationally recognized territories.” – This should be the end of this war, so that international law is respected as a guarantee of peace in the future – the president said, adding that “Russia cannot win this war.”

Source: Do Rzeczy