Political Point of View: It’s Congress! | Jorge Alcocer V.

Jorge Alcocer V.

The transition to democracy occurred during the cycle, roughbegins with the political reform of 1977 and ends with a change of executive power. federal in 2000.

It was a process that was first expressed at the local level (state and municipal authorities) and then influenced the federal level with the expansion of pluralism in the Chamber of Deputies, until in 1997 it reached a situation, in the absence of a better conceptualization, This is called divided government. That is, the identity of party origin in the executive branch and the Senate in the absence of an absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies. 2000 saw the first change of the Mexican presidency, with the lack of an absolute majority extending to the Senate.

Lack of majority absolute in San Lazaro and in the Senate lasted until 2018, when Morena and her allies That were received in both houses, ending the period of divided governments. It should be noted that the electoral reforms that accelerated the transition period (1990-1996) They occurred before the PRI lost its absolute majority in San Lazaro.. Ris important for the analysis of this stageand political changes happened During the reforms that led to the expansion of pluralism and rotation, the PRI directly participated and voted for two presidents who came from the ranks of this party: Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Ernesto Zedillo.

The consequences of the restoration of absolute majorities in the two houses of Congress (2018-2024) for democracy and the institutions of the Republic were negative. We padjustment the blows of a six-year term marked by an extreme presidency, Por the authoritarian exercise of presidential power.

We have witnessed the disappearance of the balance between the legislative and executive powers. and try second for subjecting the judiciary to its control.

Lock combination majority in the Senate appointment of commissioners and judges with a systematic attack by the President on some autonomous bodies (INAI, INE) and TEPJF interfered its normal functioning. In parallel, there was a change in the functioning of the two central electoral institutions of our country. There are facts that point to the colonization of both institutions and their control or blockade by the President and his party.

In the field of federalism, we have experienced the most rapid and profound regression of memory. From pluralism of party origins in governorates, in a very short period of time (2018-2023), we have gone the way to restoring control and subordination of the executive branch and local congresses to presidential dictates. Submission includes governors representing opposition parties.

In the municipalities governed by Morena, the old pyramid of vertical control is being reproduced to unprecedented extremes, while Corruption and misappropriation of city councils and municipal resources were widespread, regardless of party differences.

The virtual disappearance of the balance of power, the suppression or blocking of counterbalances to presidential power affects all areas of national affairs. This invalidates the rule of law and harms the private activities and legal security of people in many ways.

The consequence of presidential authoritarianism is militarism, which the president himself promotes, seriously violating the constitutional order and calling into question the survival of the civilian regime. I am not exaggerating when I hypothesize that for President López Obrador, the guarantee of the continuity of his project and legacy is not the victory of his candidate to succeed him, but the control that military commanders will exercise over it in the coming years.

If we return to the balances and balances that make it possible to restore democratic control over the exercise of presidential power, the immediate path available to us is that in both houses of the Congress of the Union The citizens’ vote on Sunday, June 2 will bring about the return of divided government. The most important thing for democracy and its immediate future is ¡This is Congress!

As counterintuitive as it may seem, the return to divided government will have a collateral beneficiary, Mexico’s next president, be it Claudia or Xochitl. “What resists supports,” said Don Jesus Reyes Heroles. A Congress that resists will be an important pillar to get rid of. That shade leader.

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Source: Aristegui Noticias