“They had to throw something there,” says father of the deceased in the fire in Las Palmas

Ever Enrique Valega Ariza still cannot come to terms with the tragedy that occurred in his home on Thursday afternoon after a raging fire that killed two people and injured three others.

The father of Jorge Valega Mercado and grandfather of little Joimer Valega, fatal victims of the accident, asked the Public Prosecutor’s Office to do everything possible in an investigation that will reveal the true causes of the fire in the Las Palmas district, southeast of Barranquilla, would find out.

EL HERALDO confirmed that although the Metropolitan Police say the flames were caused by the fall of a lighter one of the children was playing with, this is not entirely credible due to the extent of the fire in the house.

“They haven’t said anything, but I have enormous distrust. They had to throw something in there. A bottle, a pod. How does that fire form like this? I ask the Public Prosecution Service to conduct a proper investigation. There are cameras on the front. I think about the bad because you can’t do anything else,” Valega told EL HERALDO.

The last few hours have been very painful for him due to the loss of two loved ones and he just wants to know the truth about the cause of the fire in street 36b and street 8b.

“Difficult, difficult. This is huge. It’s a disturbing thing. How is it done? “I don’t know,” she said through tears.

Ever also confirmed that he had left downtown to do some shopping just before the fire. There he received the call for an apparent emergency, but it wasn’t until he arrived that he realized his son and grandson had died.

When the flames began to develop, Maribel Mercado had gone out to the patio and Melanie Paola Altamar was washing dishes in the kitchen. His children and grandchildren were in the room.

The injured are recovering satisfactorily at the Campbell Clinic in Barranquilla, while the rest of the family members remain alert for the delivery of the bodies to the Forensic Medicine Department to later conduct the funeral ceremonies.

Four machines Barranquilla Fire Department and several patrols of the metropolitan police They went to the scene to try to help the people inside the building.

The deputy chief of the Barranquilla Fire Department, Lt Cesar Fonseca, He confirmed to EL HERALDO that fortunately the fire did not affect the nearest houses.

Source: El heraldo