Political point of view | If Trump returns to the White House: Jorge Alcocer V.

Jorge Alcocer V.

The fact that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate in this November’s presidential election appears to be something that only the US Supreme Court can block. Apparently, given the dominance of conservatives in the highest court of his northern neighbor, it is quite reasonable to predict that he will be the candidate and that he has a good chance of winning.

Almost as a final glimmer of possibility, there has been talk for months of former first lady Michelle Obama as a possible vice presidential candidate running alongside Joe Biden. This will be a “fact of the future” that could significantly change the preferences of a very large segment of the American electorate. Firstly, young people came to vote, who, like other nations, constitute the group furthest from politics and politicians. It will also have a unifying effect on the voting preferences of the African American population and a significant portion of those of Hispanic origin.

I will dwell here on assumptions about the possible course of the presidential elections in the United States. Let me leave it for the record that when Election Day takes place on Tuesday, November 5th, Mexico’s first President, Claudia or Xochitl, will already be in office as the next six-year term begins on October 1st of this year. and by that time we will also have news of the activities of the native of Tabasco, who will already be the former President of Mexico.

If Trump returns to the White House, it will not be Mexico or Mexicans who are at risk. The world will be in danger. This is not an exaggeration. Without the shackles that the possibility of immediate re-election places on the minds and mouths of the White House occupants, forcing them to exercise a large dose of sanity, Trump could provoke a cataract of actions that would expose the world to nuclear conflagration.

Again, it is not an exaggeration to assume that the nuclear power of the United States will be the main argument in the White House’s (with Trump there) attitude toward countries it considers “enemies.”

In relations with Mexico, it can be predicted that Trump’s threats and pressure on our country will be stronger than those that he used in his first term.

Closing the common border is a repeated statement that, if used so often, will eventually come true. Threats of economic retaliation would follow, with the possibility of arbitrary tariffs on major Mexican exports to the United States, even threats of renegotiation or cancellation of the free trade agreement.

If Trump returns, Mexico’s future president will face a long, icy moon with the White House that will last four years. Unfortunately, the consequences of the changing of the guard in Washington are not analyzed or assessed by Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other federal government agencies such as the Treasury or the Economy. The prevailing illusion is that the supposed friendship between López Obrador and Trump will allow us to weather the storm. They are wrong from start to finish.

We know that Claudia Sheinbaum will not travel to Washington until June of this year, so her contacts will be with representatives and officials of the White House, which Biden will continue to occupy until at least January 2025. There may be contacts with Trump’s people. on air, at least until the last day of September this year, on the channels of the National Palace, that is, on the Televisa channels.

On his tour to Washington this week, Xochitl Galvez appeared to be doing well. Even Morena’s clumsiness helped her gain a place in some media outlets.

Only in Washington no one is betting on it. And to make matters worse, Mexico’s elections are not an issue on Capitol Hill or in the White House. Visiting Luis Almagro to the OAS and asking him to send observers to Mexico is not a mistake. This is bullshit.

I have no intention of giving recommendations to two presidential candidates. But I daresay someone on their teams is paying attention and knows what’s going on in Washington, in the White House and on Capitol Hill. If you don’t have one, I’m violating my clause: please hire one immediately!

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