Amusement park is on fire, everything is exploding: The whole neighborhood is evacuated

A massive fire broke out at the Liseberg water amusement park in Sweden, and a column of black smoke quickly spread across the city of Gothenburg. As far as we know, the water slides in the park were not put into service yet. Emergency services teams arrived at the scene around 10:00 and continue their work to extinguish the flames.

An eyewitness said, “The water slide melted, only the steel structure remained. It was a terrible sight.”Aftonbladet.

Police said the fire caused some injuries but did not specify the exact number of people involved. While Sahlgrenska University Hospital said four patients were treated at its clinic for minor injuries, no casualties were reported, according to emergency services. Rescue teams are still working inside the building to avoid the presence of possible victims. The source of the fire remains unclear. According to our understanding, the flames must have started from the area where the slides are located, but more precise information will only emerge after the fire is completely extinguished and the area is made safe.

Surrounding buildings have now been evacuated and residents of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, are advised to stay in their homes with their windows closed to stay informed in case they need to be evacuated.

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Source: Today IT