Milei met with the Pope and gave him alfajores and lemon cookies

The President is accompanied by his sister and General Secretary of the Presidency, Karina Milei; his Secretary of State, Diana Mondino; the head of the Interior, Guillermo Francos; that of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello; the Minister of Worship, Francisco Sánchez, and the Ambassador to Israel, Rabbi Axel Wahnish, who will be present for a greeting at the end of the meeting.

This Sunday, Milei attended the canonization Mass of María José de Paz y Figueroa, better known as Mama Antula, where she was able to greet Pope Francis for the first time after the then presidential candidate considered the pope a “representative of evil in the country.” ‘ and in favor of ‘bloody dictatorships.

During this meeting, Milei lovingly embraced the Pope and asked him to give him a kiss, while the Argentine Pope jokingly exclaimed, “You’re cutting your hair!”, amidst the laughter of both. “I messed up,” the president responded, clasping his hands and laughing, as can be heard in videos of the meeting.

Source: El heraldo