USA, Kennedy Jr is really aiming for the White House. “JFK’s Heir”, Superbowl maxi-ad

Robert Kennedy Jr surprises everyone and airs during the Super Bowl, the NFL final and event of the year on American television, a 7 million dollar election ad, in which he portrays himself as Jfk’s heir running for the White House, editing footage of President John Kennedy and his election campaign in the 1960s into a 30-second video. «Rfk jr offers us real change along with freedom, trust and hope: just like his uncle and father, Kennedy fights corruption, it’s no wonder they are adopting all the old tricks and inventing new ones to stop it », states the commercial talking about the lawyer, with anti-vax positions and against aid to Ukraine, who first tried to run as a Democrat, with opposition from the party and his own family, and now presents himself as an independent.

«The panic power handlers in Washington continue to work tirelessly to keep Kennedy off the ballot – Tony Lyons, president of American Values ​​​​​​2024, the Super Pac that financed the ad for Jfk’s nephew and son, told The Hill. from Bob Kennedy – because they know he can end the culture of greed and corruption. They only offer us rising inflation, eternal wars and chronic diseases.”

After the commercial aired, searches for Rfk on Google soared, according to data from Google Trends, thus increasing the number of people interested in Kennedy Jr.’s unorthodox and anti-establishment campaign. Dem Dynasty for stealing votes from Biden appears in much higher positions close to the American right. So far, Biden’s campaign and Democrats have largely ignored Kennedy, even though polls show that his participation in the election could have an effect on voting for both the president and Trump, given their cross-party positions. The announcement once again provoked the anger and attacks of the Kennedy family.

Source: IL Tempo