Fugitive Italian entrepreneur in Dubai ‘killed by a freak wave’.

There are fears for the fate of 59-year-old entrepreneur Samuele Landi, who is originally from Arezzo and moved to Dubai with his family years ago. He had been missing for days; Now news of a shipwreck from the Emirates is raising fears that he died in a sea storm.

According to the news agency wam5 people would be exposed to a strong storm due to bad weather conditions. Two of them would be saved, and there would be nothing that could be done for the others. The bodies will be unrecognizable and identification will now be done through DNA testing. According to this MessengerThe fingerprints of one of the victims belong to the Italian manager.

As we learn, a strange wave must have swept away the barge on which Samuele Landi was living to test his latest project, a series of floating houses moored offshore.

Bankruptcy and fugitive conviction

Landi was the CEO of the family business Eutelia. He had risen to the top of the phone industry before the millionaire crash of 2010. Following a fraudulent bankruptcy investigation, the entrepreneur was sentenced to 8 years in prison in 2019. Already in 2010, he was reached with an arrest warrant in Dubai and subsequently never returned to his hometown, thus becoming a fugitive from Italian justice.

Source: Today IT