Former employee entered the office and opened fire: Four dead

A gunman entered the corporate headquarters of a shipping company in Glyfada, Greece, and began shooting at people in the offices. According to local news agencies, the death toll is four: Three people were shot to death with a rifle and the killer was found lifeless with the gun next to him.

He entered the office and opened fire: 4 dead

While the area was cordoned off by the police, the police team entered the building and found the bodies. According to preliminary information, the perpetrator of the attack is a 70-year-old Egyptian citizen, who is a former employee of the company and has been a team leader for years. The man who recently lost his job may have acted out of desperation or revenge. Police have not officially announced this yet, but the company involved is European Navigation. A company employee who survived the attack described the moment of the attack to journalists as follows: “I heard the gunshots, I heard the first two. I headed towards the stairs to see what happened. I saw two children coming down and taking me away.” They said, ‘There is Aris with the gun, he is shooting.’ “Then I ran outside, into the garden, out the back door of the garage.”

Who are the victims?

The victims were identified by the police: they are shipowner Spyros Karnesi’s sister, the shipping company’s CEO Maria Karnesi, married to another shipowner’s sister, and former captain and accounting department employee Antonis Vlasakis. Ilias Koukoularis company. The fourth victim is a 70-year-old Egyptian who opened fire and was found lifeless in the basement of the building. Everyone called him “Aris”, but his real name was El Burai. He would be the caretaker of the Karnesi family’s home in Petaliou for years. The perpetrator entered the company building from the parking lot because he still had access despite being fired. When He came in, he said he would clean. He first went up to the mezzanine and shot two people, then stopped on the second floor and opened fire on the third victim.

Source: Today IT