King Charles attacks “revealing” books about cancer

A book about King Charles written by artificial intelligence has been removed from Amazon after Buckingham Place said it contained false claims about the monarch’s cancer diagnosis. The Mail on Sunday revealed it, adding that it is one of seven books on the platform, withdrawn from sale, which they claim contain ‘revelations’ about the king and which the Palace defined as “invasive” and “insensitive”. The book written with artificial intelligence describes the moment Charles discovered he had cancer, feeling “fear, anger and despair”. He also claims that he underwent surgery to remove a tumor and then felt tired after undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The book also says that the king has skin and prostate cancer and was hospitalized after an “unexplained accident”. Buckingham Palace has not confirmed what type of cancer the king has and said his lawyers are investigating the case. Book prices vary between 8.20 euros for e-book versions and around 18 euros for paperback editions printed and distributed by Amazon. A royal spokesperson told the Mail on Sunday that “any headlines speculating about Her Majesty’s diagnosis and treatment are intrusive, insensitive and full of inaccuracies. Our legal team will carefully review this matter.”

Furthermore, one of the books, ‘The King’s Battle: Charles III and his fight against cancer’, written with the help of artificial intelligence, was released on Amazon on February 5th, the same day the King’s cancer was announced. king. Generative text software like ChatGPT can search for information on the Internet and then write books in minutes. Although Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing asks publishers whether books were written using artificial intelligence, the answers provided do not appear to be verified. An Amazon spokesperson told the Mail that the company has invested a lot of time and resources into ensuring that books published on the site follow its content guidelines and that AI-generated books that violate its guidelines are not allowed.

Source: IL Tempo