War in Ukraine. General Komornicki: The situation is becoming hopeless

Karol Gac talks to retired Major General Leon Komornicki, former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army.

Karol Gac: Mr. General, the second anniversary of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine will soon be celebrated. Where are we in the conflict?

General Leon Komornicki: I am a general of the Polish army who has had a long journey. I also learned about Russian thought, which you cannot learn unless you practice with Russians and study their textbooks in the original. I regret that learning the Russian language has been ideologized and this skill has practically become extinct, which paradoxically benefits Russia. These are important caveats because they are useful for the current review. To answer the question, Polish war art clearly states that Russia’s war with Ukraine is currently only in its second strategic phase.


The first strategic phase is the arrival of the Russian army. Interestingly, according to the Russian art of war, if it wants to be a full-scale war, it must be preceded by a massive rocket and artillery attack. The idea is to create conditions in which land forces can penetrate as deeply as possible into a given area. This was not the case, and as a result the Russians suffered huge losses, because not only the army opposed the aggression, but also society, which had an awakened consciousness of its national identity and the need to create a sovereign state to build those on the way to Europe. It seems that Vladimir Putin did not fully know what the state of consciousness of Ukrainians was. The aspect of a defensively prepared society cannot be left out because it is crucial. It is about ensuring that society is managed, including in the country’s civil protection system. I say this because we have wasted the last two years in this regard. We did not draw any conclusions that were important to us.

Source: Do Rzeczy