Middle East, the US accusation: “Israel is under scrutiny”

US State Department officials are reportedly investigating Israel’s offensive in Gaza to determine whether there were possible violations of international law. This is what the Huffington Post website reveals, citing three different sources, specifying that State Department jurists have been evaluating specific actions for months and will continue to do so. The Post recalls that in January the White House ruled out that investigations of this type were ongoing, expressing confidence that the Israeli offensive in Gaza did not require this type of action. “I am not aware that any formal assessment is being made by the US government regarding Israel’s compliance with international law,” White House Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on January 4, asserting that In view of the accusations made against Israel before the International Court of Justice, “we see nothing that convinces us to take any other action than to help Israel defend itself”.

Now, however, the site reveals that the State Department “is investigating whether Israel, a major recipient of US aid, is committing human rights abuses that violate US law” and, simultaneously, international law. According to the sources cited, Israeli conduct in Gaza is being assessed in light of the Civilian Harm Incident Response Guidelines, new guidelines adopted last fall by the Biden administration to monitor whether foreign governments that receive US weapons use. against civilians. Finally, HuffPost reveals that during a closed-door briefing organized last Friday by the National Security Council at the White House, it was explained how the United States is assessing whether Israel is respecting international law.

Source: IL Tempo