“Contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.” Another blow to Pope Francis’ decision

Cardinal Gerhard Müller said church leaders and Catholic faithful should reject the “blessings” for homosexual couples approved by Pope Francis in “Fiducia suplicans” because they contradict Catholic teaching and “lead to heresy.”

‘Fiducia supplicans’ should be considered doctrinally problematic because it constitutes a denial of Catholic teaching,” Müller wrote in a new essay for First Things, pointing out the “serious shortcomings” of the document approved by Pope Francis in December .

The road to heresy

The Vatican statement’s introduction of “blessings” for homosexual unions contradicts the second paragraph of the Confession of Faith, because “blessing these persons as couples means approving their union even if they are not identified with marriage.” ‘ The cardinal warns that such a proposal is unjustified. “contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church” and “logically leads to heresy.”

Moreover, the prominent cardinal and theologian explained that Catholics can publicly reject “Fiducia supplicans” and that this does not mean disrespect for Pope Francis, but is actually a favor to him.

“This refusal to accept ‘Fiducia supplicans’, which may be expressed publicly to the extent that it concerns the common good of the Church, does not indicate a lack of respect for the Holy Father, who signed the text of the declaration. On the contrary.” said the cardinal. “Service to the Holy Father is due precisely insofar as it ensures the continuity of Catholic teaching, and this service is honored primarily by exposing the serious shortcomings of the “Fiducia Supplicans” – he added.

Cardinal Müller criticized the distinction between “blessings” for homosexual “unions” and “couples”, warning that to “bless” a sodomite “couple” is to “affirm them in sin and thus separate them from God”.

“Indeed, when you bless a couple as a couple, that is, united by a sexual relationship other than marriage, you approve of that relationship because it is the relationship that forms them as a couple,” he wrote.

Source: Do Rzeczy