Hope returns for the newborn Israeli kidnapped by Hamas. Check out the video | TO LOOK

The Israeli army found a video in Gaza with images of Kfir Bibas, together with his mother Shiri and his younger brother Ariel (4 years old), dating back to the first days of the war in Gaza. Kidnapped with his family, Kfir completed a year in captivity and it is not known whether he is still alive. Because he is the youngest of those kidnapped, but also because of his and his younger brother’s red hair, Kfir is one of the symbols of the hostage drama. The IDF showed the video to the family and after their approval released it. The Bibas children are the only minors who were not released during the exchange with Palestinian prisoners. Hamas said Shira and her children were dead, but the Israeli army never received confirmation. “We saw the family arrive alive in Gaza, Hamas is solely responsible for their safety,” said a spokesperson for the Bibas family. Shiri and her two children were kidnapped on October 7 from Kibbutz Nir Oz. Her husband Yarder, who was kidnapped separately, was also taken to Gaza. Shiri’s parents were massacred during the attack. The images are captured by security cameras in Khan Younis, in the south of the Strip, and the woman can be seen from behind holding the two little ones in her arms, with some men nearby, presumably militiamen from the Palestinian armed group.

Source: IL Tempo