Woman was stabbed by her friend’s ex-partner in Malambo

A sudden act of violence occurred on the afternoon of this Sunday, February 18, when Nancy Paola Padilla Arias was injured with a sharp weapon at the hands of the ex-partner of one of her friends.

According to preliminary versions of the authorities, Padilla was preparing to accompany his lover to a house located at 3S1 No. 4B1A-4, in the Villa Esperanza neighborhood, in the municipality of Malambo.

There, the 26-year-old woman was stabbed repeatedly at around 4:47 in the afternoon by her friend’s former partner, who fled after the attack to avoid being captured by police.

Residents from the sector claim that Nancy Paola’s girlfriend had gone to collect some items from the home at the above address.

Likewise, the reasons that caused the attack with the edged weapon are still unknown.

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police is investigating the case.

Source: El heraldo