11-year-old girl who disappeared on her way to school was found dead: Her father’s friend was arrested

The case went national, with images and calls in all major media outlets. The epilogue is dramatic. The body of 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham, who disappeared on her way to school in Texas last Thursday, was found under a bridge in the Trinity River after days of agony: confirmation came in the last few hours from the county Sheriff Polk Byron Lyons. The cause of death is unknown: “I can’t say anything about that,” Lyons said.

Who is the person arrested?

Investigations have been following a very precise path for days. Prosecutor Shelly Sitton’s office is preparing an arrest warrant for Don Steven McDougal, 42, who has already been arrested. He is a friend of the girl’s father and lives in a trailer on the family’s land near Lake Livingston, one of Texas’ largest nature preserves. Sometimes, like last Thursday, he accompanied Audrii to the school bus stop. Audrii was supposed to catch the school bus at the neighborhood stop; but school officials told the sheriff’s office that the student was not there when the school bus passed. He didn’t come to school after that. From that moment on, no one ever saw the little girl alive again.

ABC13 He also learned that McDougal was seen at a machine shop near Highway 59 in Livingston the day Audrii disappeared. Store employees said McDougal was trying to get a replacement part for his blue Chevy Suburban and that he was dirty, filthy and acting suspiciously.

terrible discovery

Immediately questioned by the sheriff’s men, McDougal was unable to prove to investigators that he had actually left Audrii at the stop. He showed investigators a number of places where he spent his final hours and participated in searches. The suspect’s condition has worsened in recent days. The man had already been arrested when the gruesome discovery was made. He has a long list of criminal records: not only convictions for sex crimes against a child, but also assault on a public servant, drug possession, harassment, theft, dangerous driving and more, according to Texas media.

A “Hello Kitty” backpack was also found near the Livingston Lake dam. According to researchers, it belongs to Audrii Cunningham.

Source: Today IT