Navalny’s funeral is broadcast live on Youtube (but the hearse was not found)

While Putin threatens the world (“We have nuclear weapons that can hit targets in the West”), today the funeral of Alexei Navalny, who died in a remote Arctic penal colony earlier this month, is being held outside Moscow. Police forces have already made it clear that attending the funeral of the Kremlin’s chief critic will be considered a crime.

Last farewell among a thousand obstacles

Agents have been guarding the church and cemetery, located a few kilometers apart, for days. A section of road that could be the scene of a spontaneous parade of brave men and women. From the authorities’ point of view, this would be an unauthorized march: you will be arrested. The opposition spokesman said that they could not even find a hearse to carry his body. The funeral will be broadcast online via Navalny’s YouTube channel starting at 12:00 (but the livestream should start as early as 10:00).

The funeral will take place in the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “The Relief of My Sorrows”.

Opposition spokesperson and assistant Kira Yarmysh confirmed that Navalny will be buried in the capital’s Borisov cemetery. Police guard the Moscow cemetery. Telegram channel “We Can Explain” claimed that police officers asked about the reasons for the visit, examined documents and searched for those who entered the cemetery, explaining that they were working to “prevent terrorist operations.” Metal fences were erected and cameras were placed at street lamps. Other officers are stationed in front of the nearby subway exit.

Who will attend Navalny’s funeral?

Navalny’s team encouraged people to participate and even shared a map of the route between the church and the cemetery. They also published a list of places abroad, from Seoul to Rome, Montreal and Stockholm, where people can attend memorial services for Navalny. However, it is unclear how many people will respond to the call in Moscow.

in that BBCNavalny’s former chief of staff, Leonid Volkov, said he was worried about what might happen: “I’m afraid there will be some surprises, I don’t know if people will really let him say goodbye.” Nine years ago thousands of people took to the streets to commemorate slain opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, but such a public display of grief for President Vladimir Putin’s opponent is now unlikely to be allowed.

“Do not use public transport and do not bring photographs”

In recent years, Russian authorities have cracked down on any actions that could be interpreted as criticism of the government. Attempts to commemorate Navalny’s death were met with a harsh response, with impromptu tributes removed and hundreds of arrests. Democratic activists advise those who want to attend the funeral not to use public transport and not to bring with them objects bearing Navalny’s photo or the symbol of his anti-corruption foundation, which has been declared an “extremist organization” by Putin regime officials.

It is not known which members of Navalny’s family, other than his mother Lyudmila, may attend the funeral. Navalny’s children Daria (23) and Zakhar (15) live abroad. His widow, Yulia, does not currently live in Russia and risks arrest if she returns to Moscow following recent public statements blaming Putin for her husband’s death.

Live video of Navalny’s funeral

Source: Today IT