“I have no thirst for revenge or anything like that”: Ospino Illera

To all this history of ‘Clan of the Vega Daza’ land it took a chapter, and it was the appearance of people chosen by them from the beginning sources Police as alleged perpetrators of the attacks on the members of this family, murdered during the Villa Campestre massacre in June 2023, and recently in El Saler, in the south of ValenciaSpain.

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Is about Alvaro Luis Ospino Illerawho started appearing among police years ago with the nickname of Black Sunday, precisely when he was arrested in May 2011 in accordance with a red circular from Interpol, but as such and he refers to it in a petition sent to EL HERALDO, that trailer emerged after the association with his mother’s name. He then noted that “twelve years ago I had a… unfortunate inconvenience due to a murder, for which I served the relevant sentence in Venezuela. Therefore, as of today, I have settled my debt with the family of the deceased, with the authorities and with society. I don’t owe anyone anything.”

Well, this 37-year-old man, born in the city of Valencia, in the state of Carabobo, in VenezuelaSince March 8 last year, he has asked the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Attorney General and the Presidency of the Republic to confirm that he does not support the murders of the ‘Vega Daza Clan’, based on a request already submitted in October 2023 to the Atlantic Sectional Prosecutor’s Office and the other agencies mentioned.

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“Your Gentlemen Authorities, as of the present date, March 8, 2024, I have still not fully recovered from the tragic death. of my cousin Jonathan José Ospino Illera, whom I raised, and they still continue to invent things in the midst of my pain. It has now been reported through the media that Mr. Roberto Vega Daza, alias Beto, was murdered, according to Spanish authorities, in the city of Valencia, Spain, for being involved in the loss of a shipment of drugs and here in Colombia They say I was the perpetrator of that crime, but I have nothing to do with it, since they were members of the organization to which alias Beto belonged…” says Ospino Illera via communication to the organizations.

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Furthermore, this person points out that “I declare that I have nothing against anyone, that is, against any human being, I have no thirst for revenge, or the like. So this situation is precisely caused (attacks) by the activity that, according to the media, Beto (Roberto Vega Daza) and his family had…’.

In other lines Ospino Illera mentions that “I am the victim, “That I do not belong to any criminal organization…”. “It’s clear the motive is this murders (Vega Daza) is drug trafficking and the perpetrators are the criminal gangs to which these dead belonged, according to what was said by the authorities and the Spanish media.”

Source: El heraldo