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Jorge Alcocer V..

He 11th of March President of INE advertising that the OAS (Organization of American States) He will send his largest delegation he has ever sent in the history of elections in Mexico” (sic). He also reported that the group UNIORE (Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations) He was in Mexico and will return in three stages, before and at election Day Sunday, June 2.

TO Fend of 2023 elf erased budget INE/2024 resources for the Election Observation Support Fund (FAOE). At the end of January this year, the General Executive Council from INE approved the resources of this Fund. He The 44 INE press release announcing this approval omitted the most important thing: the amount of resources approved. Later it became known that they allocated 18 million pesos. It is known that in that budget TEPJF HE appointed 10 million pesos for the same purpose.

To this day, no one knows how, when or who will allocate these resources, the smallest since the 1994 electoral reform led by Dr. Jorge Carpizo, opened the windows of Mexico so that the world can see how we vote.

In press release No. 138, INE announced the approval lguidelines for the use of FOAE, but did not make public what they approved. Nor if I know which one it is He agreement for availability “retinue” OASnI when the General Council approved such an invitation.

ORCivil society organizations expressed surprise at the INE President’s statements. From In 1994, the primary focus of election observation capabilities was training and deployment. territorial from tens thousands of Mexican men and women day of election day. Mexico’s international partner in this task was the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). One of its directors was Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese who should be awarded the Aztec Eagle award by Mexico.

There are several problems with the OAS. The first – irresistible – is that there is no time integrate and implement into the field technical support mission similar to the one UNDP formed for Mexico in previous elections. Other problems don’t matter. Allocation of resources to international visitors without connection with national observer organizations, left to their own devices by INE, israr A little money in the trash.

ANDin INE they didn’t take care of analyze or ask questions about issues in the 2023-2024 electoral processes to draw conclusions about the type and scope of national monitoring

and international assistance what would need to be promoted and supported, with public and private resources. Nothing like this did INE. ANDThere is no time to do this.

There are many topics in which observation citizen necessary to ensure the integrity of the electoral process. For example, in 2023 from CEPNA We developed a pilot project to evaluate the impact of the use of social programs on gubernatorial elections.To from the state of Mexico. Withwith little own resources and selfless support of academic friends pwe can prove the connection between programs social and coercion to vote. Before election day, we presented several recommendations in Toluca To electoral and government bodies. Some of them were considered by the local Congress.

We are looking for last year Resources for financing a project similar to the above for the 2024 federal process. We find no answer either in Mexico or abroad. However, from this experience appeared positive initiative: Citizens Observatory, integrated with election experts who, personally And honorable, we are being watched elections. S eINE and TEPJF signedms, in August past, two cooperation agreements that will make our task easier. We hope that both institutions fully comply with them.

Since last year we have been asking that INE difunda an intensive television and radio campaign using government time to educate and inform citizens about social programs. So that the government and his party Do not intimidate or pressure people with the threat of canceling social programs if the opposition wins. Our petition was ignored. At INE they are more concerned about those 100 thousand who they say voteAran abroad than for the 96 million who can vote in Mexico.

It’s obvious that Andthe government of the republic decided to board up the windows and hide the elections from the eyes of foreign guests and That national observers. In that INEs were ignored in subject. They react late and poorly.

P.S. ANDin his speech On March 6, 1994, Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta celebrated this event., for the first time, there will be national observers and international visitors in the elections that year. “There will be no shame in hiding,” he said. Do they exist today?

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