Russia, plebiscite for Putin. Hamas leader: “Strengthening friendship”

No surprises, just a confirmation. Russia’s outgoing president won the elections, earning a fifth six-year term at the helm of the country. If he completes it, the tsar will become Russia’s longest-serving political leader in two hundred years. The president of the political office of the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, sent a message to Putin to congratulate him on his victory in the elections. This is what we read in a message published on the Hamas Telegram channel. Haniyeh said in particular that the move relies on “strengthening friendly ties and developing cooperation” with Russia. The leader of the Palestinian political and paramilitary organization also wished the Russian president success in his work and success in building a multipolar world. There was no shortage of praise for Putin’s position in relation to the “Palestinian issue”.

Meanwhile, the discussion about the alleged falsification of votes continues to occupy the center of attention. Novaya Gazeta Europe, based on calculations by mathematician and independent analyst Sergey Shpilkin, even says half. According to the independent newspaper, this is a record-scale fraud in the presidential elections in Russia. As reported in an article by Adnkronos, “excluding votes with an electronic system, official data informs that 74.5 million voters went to the polls. Of these, approximately 64.7 million voted for Putin, but Shplikin’s calculations indicate that at least 31.6 million of these votes were falsified. To obtain these numbers, the analyst compared the distribution of votes obtained by the candidates with the turnout at each polling station, to understand how many votes were ‘added’ to the winner.”

Source: IL Tempo