They give Texas a free hand to detain and expel migrants from its territory

He Supreme Court spoke out on Tuesday in favor of the state of Texas allowing the enactment of a law that makes this possible Police stop and deporting migrants suspected of entering illegally UNITED STATES.

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The legislation, known as SB4can come into effect while arguments are being heard in a lawsuit brought by the President Joe Biden’s administration and organizations that defend migrants.

The matter reached highest court after a legal battle waged by the Biden administration and immigrant advocates led by the American Union for Civil Liberties (ACLU, in English), who claim the initiative is unconstitutional.

The plaintiffs had asked the Supreme Court to throw out the case input from measuring unit while the case was decided in the Fifth Circuit of Appeals. The judge on Monday Samuel Alito had blocked the law indefinitely wait for the plenary to vote on this request.

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The six jury members next Tuesday Conservatives voted for Texasallowing the law to take effect as it is given a final ruling in the case.

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxtonapplauded the Supreme Court’s decision in a post on X. “Texas did that defeated the movements of the Biden administration and the ACLU,” and emphasized that the law is already in effect.

The law, one of the anti-immigrant measures most drastic in United States history, makes it a crime for a foreign “to enter or attempt to enter the state illegally from a foreign nation.” The loss becomes one serious crimepunishable by up to twenty years in prison if the perpetrator is a repeat offender.

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The initiative also makes it possible Constitutional law order the deportation of people without legal proceedings. Likewise, police officers can arrest anyone individually whom they suspect have entered the country illegally and will be identified discretionary power to expel him to Mexico instead of arresting him.

Initially, the measure was promoted by the Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbottwas supposed to go into effect on March 5, but a federal judge sided with the law claimants and forbade it.

Texas prosecutor Ken Paxton entered the fray Fifth Circuit of Appeals where he got support, so the claimants They went to the Supreme Court to prevent the law from coming into force and asked for an emergency motion, which was eventually approved. refused.

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Anand Balakrishnansenior attorney for the ACLU Immigrant Rights Project, called Tuesday’s decision “disappointing”.

The lawyer added in a statement that the law “threatens integrity of our country’s immigration laws and fundamental principles of due process” so that they will continue to fight until they defeat it.

Source: El heraldo