Suspected extortionists are killed in a shooting in the San Roque district

He San Roque neighborhoodin the city Southeast of Barranquillacame under fire again on the night of next Sunday, March 24, after the murder of Brayan Enrique Díaz Zapata23 years old, on 29th Street between 34th and 35th Streets.

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The metropolitan police He stated that around 9:45 p.m The victim ended up in a home in the area mentionedapparently, to collect a excessive compensation to the manager of a drug dealer. He was on board a motorcycle.

However, when he was waiting for the alleged payment Some guys on a motorcycle appeared on the scenewhich in locating the victim a fire exchange with this.

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Diaz Zapata would have received at least six impact of firearm projectiles.

On the other hand, the armed institution reported that the victim had done so six legal notes, five for possession of narcotics and one for illegal possession of a firearm. In addition, the extortion crime was investigated after it was reported by the police distribution of intimidating pamphlets to companies in the same sector of the city.

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Source: El heraldo