Xochitl, mandatory and lonely candidate | David Ordaz

David Ordaz

When Andrés Manuel López Obrador encouraged Xochitl Gálvez to enter the presidential race and she took the bait, it was from that moment that she sealed her political destiny.

The opposition candidate is fighting on many fronts, and she is doing it alone because she will also not allow anyone to help her.

Carlos Fuentes said in his book “La Silla del Águila”: “They put a tricolor bandage on your chest, you sit in the Eagle Chair and let’s go! It’s like you’re on a roller coaster, they let you go… and you make a face that says: your mask is coming back.”

Although there has been no need to wear the tricolor ribbon since Xochitl Galvez announced his candidacy for the presidency, it has been a runaway train with no clear direction or strategy, but rather a weather vane that tumbles as the wind carries it .

That photo where she is depicted with a resigned face among the old political vultures, she is shown like that, forced. Forced by people who see it as political spoils to benefit each other and the interests they represent.

Also expelled from the National Palace, where the main political animal of the Republic, with one blow took her out of the race for the post of head of government of Mexico City (which she would most likely win, wresting hegemony from this group of Morenoists) and pushing her towards a candidacy that he did not expect and which came as a surprise.

The candidate, who “fell in love” with her freshness and ability to respond to every statement of the first provocateur of the Nation, today looks desperate, with pliant statements and promises depending on the platform on which she is presented, but without sincerity. Must.

Her need to “hit” her opponent, who is superior to her by so many points, is so great that she does not stop seeing the whole picture and her statements ultimately end up in the electorate, which she supposedly wants to seduce even more and it all ends up splashing out in her face.

“She complained to me that I live in my own house, and she lives in a rented apartment. If you can’t get rich at 60, you are very weak, with all due respect,” Xochitl told Claudia, without thinking about the fact that in Mexico millions of people work and earn money. XThey live every day and for many years and still live without property or do not have their own housing or decent conditions.

Xochitl has already completed the first of three rounds. The one from a few days ago lost it. With everything in her favor, with all the evidence at hand that showed one of the worst governments in the recent history of this country, she had no strategy, she didn’t know how to provoke or corner her rival, and she ended up frustrated. headlong and trying to justify their incompetence by blaming the terrible current INE, poorly managed by the very functional Guadalupe Taddei regime.

It’s time to make a turn. Return to the freshness of a few months ago, respond with the ability to respond to the provocations that are thrown at him from the National Palace, not get hung up on attacking an opponent who will not change the strategy of the comfort zone and focus on the needs of the people. Those people who haven’t made a living from their companies and politics for 23 years. Those people who don’t own a home or property, but are fucked every day, and who on June 2nd will have maximum power over the ballot.

There are 40 days left in the campaign, 2 more rounds against rivals, and it is clear that in this closing he must generate enough sympathy to convince and add what he has undoubtedly lost in these days. Is it possible? It would be enough? I don’t think so.

Source: Aristegui Noticias