A 21-year-old man died after an armed attack in Puerto Colombia

A gunshot attack recorded on the afternoon of this Thursday, April 18 in the Brisas del Puerto district, in the municipality of Puerto Colombia, took the life of Jaider Antonio Conrado Consuegra.

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According to preliminary reports, the 21-year-old was killed while outside his home. housing on street 3B with 17th street. There he was approached by two armed persons riding a motorcycle.

Because they were almost in front of him, they drew firearms and They shot him several times. After a few minutes they fled without being intercepted by the authorities.

Residents from the sector tried to help the victim by transferring her to a health center, but the doctors on duty confirmed her death.

The motives for the armed attack have not been disclosed by police Barranquilla Metropolitan Police.

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For his part, the only thing known about Jaider Antonio is that he apparently made his living as a motorcycle taxi driver and among his loved ones. He was known as ‘the youngest’.

Source: El heraldo