Ukraine cuts soldiers off from online gambling

New rules come into effect in Ukraine restricting soldiers’ access to online gambling.

President Volodymyr Zelensky implemented the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on countering the negative effects of online gambling.

The document prohibits military personnel from having access to gambling during martial law. According to the Ukrainian Pravda website, “the president also ordered: developing a procedure for restricting all forms of gambling advertising, in particular the use of symbols of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations; prohibiting the registration of several accounts for one player in online casinos establishes a maximum time for continuous participation in gambling during the day for one account and the introduction of mandatory gaming breaks and the definition of the maximum playing time per week.

Some obligations and restrictions

Zelensky also imposes the obligation on the organizers of gambling games offered on the Internet to set limits on players’ expenditure on gambling games and to implement the State Online Monitoring System;

Under the regulations, a national awareness campaign will be conducted on the risks associated with gambling.

The Security Service of Ukraine, together with the competent authorities, should ensure that gambling organizers are inspected within two months for compliance with Ukrainian sanctions legislation and take measures to impose appropriate sanctions on gambling organisers.

In addition, the decree includes recommendations to the National Bank of Ukraine to implement a ban on accepting dual-use goods as collateral within two weeks and to adopt guidelines for banks to block the use of credit funds for gambling within two months .

It is recommended that the Ministry of Digital Transformation hold discussions with Apple and Google about blocking illegal online casinos on their platforms.

Source: Do Rzeczy