They arrest a notary from Barranquilla and a lawyer linked to land issues

Detectives from the Dijin arrested in recent hours amid operations in Barranquilla and the metropolitan area local notary Augusto Osorio Berdugo, 69 years old, again Once Edinson Castro Miranda, 56 years old, a man who in the past was involved in an investigation into land issues in the department of Atlantic Ocean.

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THE HERALD learned that the arrest of the two men results from an investigation by the Special Directorate against Criminal Organizations, Decoc, of the Public Prosecution Service, into the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime and material falsification of a public document.

As for Osorio Berdugo, a lawyer by profession, it is believed that he would be the current one second notary in charge of the city of Barranquillabut other positions appear on his resume as a notary in charge of the first and fourth notaries, as well as Juan de Acosta’s only notary office.

And it should be noted that in the case of Castro Miranda, also a lawyer, he was prosecuted in August 2022 and accused of being an alleged member of the ‘Golfclan‘and allegedly linked to land theft in Barranquilla and Colombian port.

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However, the man was released on court order.

A woman was also arrested during the operation, but not so faror information about your identity has been processed.

Source: El heraldo