The American battalion will remain in Lithuania indefinitely

The military battalion of US troops stationed in Lithuania will remain there indefinitely, and not just until 2025 as previously believed.

U.S. Armed Forces battalions have been stationed in Lithuania on a rotational basis since 2019.

The American battalion will stay in Lithuania longer

Information about the extension was provided on Thursday by Lithuanian Defense Minister Laurynas Kascziunas, who is visiting the United States. The politician expressed his gratitude to the Americans for their determination to maintain their military presence in the Baltic countries.

The minister assured that Lithuania “will make every effort to provide the arriving US troops with all necessary host country support and appropriate infrastructure, in accordance with NATO standards.”

The issue of the presence of American soldiers in Lithuania was discussed, among other things: during the meeting of the Lithuanian minister with the US Deputy Secretary of Defense for the Land Army, Christine Wormuth.

Bauer: There is no threat, but if there is, art. 5 without discussion

At the end of March, the head of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Bauer, spoke in Latvia about the guarantees of the Americans and Western European allies for the countries on the eastern flank.

The Dutch soldier assured in an interview for Latvian television that in the event of a direct threat against a NATO member state, the application of art. 5 will be “mandatory and not subject to discussion.”

The admiral noted that there is currently no indication that Moscow is planning aggression against any Allied country. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for a negative scenario. – I don’t think there is an immediate threat. The problem is that Russia’s ambitions extend beyond Ukraine. We know that and that is why the Alliance as a whole must be better prepared, Bauer said.

As the Polish Press Agency reminds, in Latvia, at the base in Adaji, there is also a battle group operating as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence, co-founded by, among others, the Polish contingent.

Source: Do Rzeczy