Gaza Strip. A UN worker died on the way to hospital

A member of the UN security services was killed in an attack in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip on Monday. His nationality has not been disclosed.

“The Secretary-General is deeply saddened by the death of a member of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (DSS) and the injury of another person when their vehicle was shot at while on their way to a hospital in Rafah . ‘, said United Nations spokesman Farhan Haq.

He stressed that this is the UN’s first “foreign casualty” since the start of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the Hamas attack on October 7 last year. Previously, approximately 190 Palestinian United Nations employees, mainly employees of the United Nations Palestinian Refugee Agency (UNRWA), were murdered there.

The United Nations condemned all attacks on UN personnel and called for a full investigation. At the same time, no details were provided about the attack or the nationality of the organization’s deceased employee.

Israeli airstrikes on Rafah. Despite the continued evacuation of civilians

A week ago, the Israeli Air Force began airstrikes on Rafah, despite the ongoing evacuation of civilians. Ceasefire negotiations have been held before, but, as in previous rounds, they have not produced any results.

According to various data, approximately 1 to 1.5 million Palestinians currently reside in Rafah, on the border with Egypt. The Israeli side claims that four Hamas battalions are stationed in the Gaza Strip city. He also believes this is where the leaders of the Palestinian terrorist organization are hiding and where hostages kidnapped from Israel last October are being held.

According to Israel, 150,000 people were evacuated from the eastern part of Rafah. Palestinians. However, there are still more than a million of them in the city. This large number is due to the fact that these people had to flee to the south of the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli invasion from the north. The situation of the victims of the invasion is dramatic, especially since Egypt had already clearly announced that it would not allow refugees from Gaza into its territory.

Source: Do Rzeczy