The three minutes of the criminal plan to kill ‘El Gatico’

An alleged user dressed in baggy jeans and a navel T-shirt is said to have signaled a chain of criminals to enter the building via WhatsApp message on Thursday, May 23. IPS Medic Clinic with long weapons and reflective jerseys of the Dijín of the National Police, in the middle of a criminal plan to end his life Jorge Luis Alfonso Lópezson of the deceased Enilce López Romero, nicknamed The cat.

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All of this happened in a three-minute period, between 11:23 and 11:26 a.m., a time captured by the medical center’s security cameras at 80th Street and 47th Street, north of Barranquilla.

The footage, which was later circulated on social networks, showed about ten men, some young in appearance, entering in a planned manner through the main entrance of the medical center, initially tying up someone who appeared to be a security guard. and walked quickly to the floor of the enclosure.

At this point they were also captured by the surveillance system and that’s when, trying to locate the room he was staying in Jorge Luis Alfonso Lópezthey enter an adjacent area where they locate former paramilitary Edelmiro Anaya González, aka ‘El Chino’ Anayaand Eduar Yesid Montero De la Hoz, an individual who was part of Alfonso López’s security scheme.

Montero De la Hoz is said to have tried to repel the attack with a pistol of his own, but the number of men and the weapons they possessed were much larger. Both Anaya and the bodyguard ended up dead in the room, next to a stretcher.

Meanwhile, three other bodyguards of Alfonso López, alerted by the explosions, are said to have hidden their protection in a bathroom and then barricaded themselves at the entrance to the immediate room in which the shooting had taken place.. Apparently the criminals tried to force the door open. However, everyone left in panic due to the threat launched from the room by a fragmentation grenade. Ultimately, it worked, in the sense that the man’s life was protected.

As the armed men began to descend the stairs, one of them took the cell phone Jose Rafael Villa Villa, a man who stayed on the same fourth floor of the care center and had nothing to do with the episode. This During the shooting he was hit by a bullet and had to be transferred to the Reina Catalina clinic, close to the site.

Source: El heraldo