“Elderly people should not be left alone, they should live as a family”

He Pope Francisco defended this Saturday that the elderly “They should not be left alone, but they must live with the family”, also to promote dialogue between generations, as mentioned in a meeting with thousands of grandparents and grandchildren with the music of the famous singer Al Bano.

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“Sometimes we hear statements like ‘think of yourself’ or ‘don’t depend on anyone’. These are untruths that deceive people into believing that it is good not to depend on others, to act on one’s own, to live like islands,” the Pope complained. Paul VI Hall of the Vatican.

The Pope warned that such attitudes “they just create a lot of loneliness“.

“Because, for example, the elderly are left alone due to the throwaway culture and have to spend their last years away from home and their loved ones (…) They should not be left alone, dThey must live as a family, in a community, with the affection of everyone. And if they cannot live with the family, we should go and visit them and be close to them,” he asked.

The Pope noted that “our society is full of people who are specialized in many things, rich in knowledge and have resources useful to all,” but all this is threatened by selfishness.

“If it is not shared, if everyone thinks of themselves, all wealth will be lost, will mean an impoverishment of humanity. And that is a great risk for our time. Fragmentation and selfishness,” he emphasized.

For this reason, the Argentine Pope called for the creation of a world in which ‘no one is afraid to end their days alone“not only promoting ‘help programs’ but also ‘various subsistence projects’ that value age as a ‘wealth for all’.

The elders, he noted, “come from far away because they have lived many years and have much to teach,” such as “how ugly war is.”

Francisco himself confessed that he learned that lesson from his Italian grandfather, who had lived through the First World War: “With his stories he made me understand that war is terrible, that it should never happen,” he said, then recalled a song that was sung at the front.

The 87-year-old Pope arrived at the Paul VI Hall walking alone and not with the wheelchair he usually uses due to his knee problems, to participate in this intergenerational meeting promoted by the ‘Età Grande’ Foundation.

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Although he did use the chair to greet those present at the end of the session.

In addition to thousands of grandparents and children, waiting for him in the Vatican hall was the actor and comedian Lino Banfi, consecrated as the ‘grandfather of Italy’ and who dedicated a few words to the Pope, calling him ‘grandfather of the world’. .”

The event was also attended by singer Al Bano, who at the age of 80 sang some songs in the Paulus VI Hall, such as “Nel sole”, a cappella, “Nel perdono” and “Ave María”, before the arrival of the Pope. .

“We are diverse young people”the artist ironized together with the Italian Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Source: El heraldo