Israel, Netanyahu urges Gantz: “Existential war, do not abandon”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked opposition leader Benny Gantz to reconsider his decision to leave the coalition government formed immediately after the attacks launched against Israel by the Islamic organization Hamas on October 7. “Israel is involved in an existential war on several fronts. Benny, this is not the time to abandon the campaign. This is the time to join forces,” Netanyahu wrote on his X (Twitter) profile, while Gantz announced his decision to resign from the war cabinet.

Netanyahu also reiterated his determination to continue the war against Hamas, despite the centrist leader’s abandonment. “Citizens of Israel, we will continue until victory and the achievement of all the objectives of the war, especially the release of all our hostages and the elimination of Hamas,” Netanyahu wrote. “My door will remain open to any Zionist party that is ready (…) to help us bring victory over our enemies and ensure the safety of our citizens.”

Source: IL Tempo