‘Chino Anaya’ visited Jorge Luis Alfonso López

The presence of the former paramilitary Edelmiro Anaya González, aka Chino Anaya, in the IPS Medic Clinic, at 80th Street and 47th Street, north of Barranquilla, where he died shortly before noon on Thursday, May 23, was the result of a visit to Jorge Luis Alfonso López, nicknamed The Gatico.

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Interesting: former paramilitary ‘El Chino’ Anaya, fatality in the attack on ‘El Gatico’

This was reported to EL HERALDO by a completely credible source who was also a personal friend of Anaya González, who, according to the authorities’ reports, had more than twenty notes for various crimes, including murder.

The ‘Chino Anaya’, from Yours sincerely, He is remembered for being the escort of the then mayor of the municipality of El Roble, Eudaldo León ‘Tito’ Díaz Salgado, and later, as he acknowledged before Justice and Peace, participating in the crime committed by men at the time Heroes of the Montes de María block on the instructions of former governor Salvador Arana Sus, which he also recognized, but before the JEP, this fact.

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Anaya had been rescued from two recent attacks in Barraquilla.

He was father of 7 children, two of these minors. One of his wives was murdered a few years ago in Sincelejo, downtown.

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Source: El heraldo