Israel, humanitarian pause in Gaza. But now the border with Lebanon is on the boil

Israel, humanitarian pause in Gaza.  But now the border with Lebanon is on the boil

The tension front in the Middle East is moving north: while yesterday in the Gaza Strip the army with the Star of David reduced its attacks, thanks to that humanitarian pause decided by Israel at least during the day, this morning the Tel. Aviv bombed some Hezbollah-linked targets in southern Lebanon. Even today, the US envoy for the Middle East, Amos Hochstein, who was in Jerusalem yesterday, is expected in the Land of Cedars. The daytime break, which began on Sunday, the first day of the Muslim feast of sacrifice, aims to facilitate humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the Strip and has had the effect of reducing the intensity of attacks on Gaza, which are only possible in the evening and at night. The intensification of clashes with Lebanon, which have continued in parallel with the conflict in Gaza since its beginning, also led yesterday to the assassination of another Hezbollah leader, Mohammad Mustafa Ayub, after last week Taleb Sami Abdallah died during an Israeli attack attack.

Meanwhile, thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Jerusalem against Netanyahu’s government, which yesterday announced its decision to dissolve the war cabinet following the departure of opposition leader Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot. The two former military leaders joined the cabinet after October 7, overcoming bitter differences with the far-right government, demonstrating national unity in the face of the war with Hamas. Meanwhile, a senior Israeli official involved in the truce negotiations told the press that he knows that dozens of hostages captured on October 7 in Gaza are still alive, but also that they risk their lives if their detention is prolonged.

Source: IL Tempo