Video: this is how the perpetrators of the attack on the son of ‘La Gata’ fled

Video: this is how the perpetrators of the attack on the son of ‘La Gata’ fled

Everything is on video. In addition to the images captured by one of the security cameras in the Mediclínica health center, the attack on Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of Enilce López, alias La Gata, there is also the moment when the criminals leave the premises and They flee in a car that was waiting for them outside.

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Of note: Two dead and one injured in attack on Jorge Luis Alfonso López

In the first video, six men, most dressed in Sijin uniforms, are seen entering the health center and then shooting at the men from Alfonzo López’s security department. Two people were killed and one was injured in this incident. One of the deceased was identified as Edelmiro Anaya González, aka ‘El Chino’ Anayaan old ex-paramilitary convicted of the murder of Eudaldo León Díaz, former mayor of El RobleSucre, in events that took place in April 2003.

Meanwhile, another video recorded from outside the clinic has been released, capturing the moment the perpetrators of the attack leave the scene after committing the crime. The men are seen trying to get into a car, which is believed to be a Nissan March with tinted windows.

Gen. Herbert Benavidez Valderrama, commander of the The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police confirmed that the men had arrived at the scene at 80th Street and 47th Street, as if he had a search warrant to try to end his life Jorge Luis Alfonso López.

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Preliminary information indicates that the unknown persons went to the fourth floor of the health center, found a room and opened fire on the people inside the room, apparently thinking their target was there. The action was fought with bulletsand Alfonso López’s security men.

Source: El heraldo