Biden refused to withdraw from the election. “We did well”

Joe Biden has no plans to withdraw from the race for the US presidency after the failed debate with Donald Trump.

The first election debate between the candidates of the Democratic and Republican Parties for the office of President of the United States took place on the night of Thursday to Friday, Polish time.

Most viewers and commentators, including those associated with the Democratic Party, are pointing to Trump’s victory. Biden presented himself from the side that was most damaging to his election chances – as physically unable to continue in office because of his age.

US Presidential Elections. Will Democrats Replace Biden?

According to US media reports, Biden performed so poorly that there was discussion among Democrats about replacing him with someone else. However, the incumbent president has no intention of giving up his guns.

When asked by reporters if he had any doubts about his actions after some members of the Democratic Party began calling on him to withdraw from the race for the White House, he replied: – No. It’s hard to argue with a liar. The New York Times noted that Trump was lying 26 times.

“I think we did a good job,” Biden added, while acknowledging he had a sore throat. His campaign spokesman Seth Shuster told The Hill: “Of course Biden is not retiring from his career.

Vice President Kamala Harris defended Biden’s debate performance during a series of interviews Thursday night, though she acknowledged he got off to a “slow start.”

Trump is the clear winner of the debate

A poll by CNN, which hosted the debate, found that 67 percent of viewers said Trump won, while 33 percent said Biden won the election.

The Polish Institute of International Affairs estimates that the issue of Biden’s age and his ability to remain in office may prove to be the dominant issue of the campaign, and that it may be impossible for his staff to neutralize the negative image .

Source: Do Rzeczy