Political Point of View: Judicial Elections | Jorge Alcocer V.

Political Point of View: Judicial Elections | Jorge Alcocer V.

Jorge Alcocer V.

questionFor still-President López Obrador, the election by popular vote of ministers, magistrates and judges is an “irresistible” element of his initiative regarding the judiciary, federal and local authorities. I use the plural because those Andlessonnis ben also magistrates and judges of the courtsstates and CDMX. questionThat is why the presidential initiative includes the reform of articlesYes 116 and 122 of the Constitution.

For further I take for reference draft decree on constitutional reform and its transitional articles, in the initiative President Lopez Obrador since February 5 this year, at what time and movements are established to implement reform it will happen, and I assume that it will be approved without significant changes in the first days of September this year.

If yes, then it’s possible predict that the above Decree will be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, later than, V A evening edition, Monday, September 30th, late afternoonEl Mandata native of TabascoIt will take effect on Tuesday, October 1, the first day of President Claudia Sheinbaum’s term..

No later than Thursday, October 31, 2024, the Senate must announce the election by popular vote of the Ministers of the Court (their number has been reduced from 11 to 9), 930 collegiate circuit court judges and 547 circuit courts. judges (based on 2023 data). Besides, it will ben chosen one 5 members of the Disciplinary Court of the Judiciary; 7 judges of the TEPJF Superior Chamber and 18 regional judges from the 6 chambers of this court.

Call approved by the Senate will be sent to new The National Institute of Elections and Consultations (INEC), which will replace the current INE, will begin organizing and developingprocess for elections of judges, the day of whichEvery election must take place, later than on Sunday, September 28, 2025

To organize the elections, INEC will not have laws what to expect, because the reform period has expired That laws is 180 calendar days, counting from October 1, 2024.

This term expires on March 31, 2025. To fill this gap, the transitional article prescribes the application of constitutional norms “directly.” What does this mean? It’s a secret. Still nor they introduce themselves initiatives legal reform in this regard.

Ministers, magistrates and judges currently in office will continue to hold office until their replacements are elected. There will be some consequencesace immediate. For example, the two Electoral Magistrates of the TEPJF Superior Chamber, whose term of office expires on October 31, 2024, will continue to hold office because if they do not do so, there will be no quorum for the functioning of this Chamber. Instead of, I suppose that vacancy of the Minister of Justice, which will occur on the last day of November this year will not be covered by the President Sheinbaum and the Senate. What would be the point of that? a person What will happen fired in October 2025?

Election of ministers of the court, judges of the Supreme Court and five members of the Disciplinary Court., it will be national How When Hewe choose President of Mexico. That is, palmost 100 million will be able to votevoters with INE certificate. lterritorially based beat 300 districtYou dJune 2, 2024 For the remaining judicial positions, some problems will have to be resolved.

For example, there are several specialized collegial courts (on competition, telecommunications, etc.) with national jurisdiction. And They are in CDMX. Do you vote for your judges?reWe all, or just those who live in CDMX? There are 32 judicial districts in total, but not all of them exactly coincide with the territorial boundaries of the constituent entities of the Federation. Cartography will need to be adaptedelections judicialis. Another question: Will the magistrates of the TEPJF specialized chamber be elected by voters throughout the country? Judicial elections will take place in September 2025 just this timethen they will be held simultaneously with federal elections every 3 years or with the corresponding local elections in each state..

Eat several problems that the presidential initiative does not affect.

One of them is the cost of electing judges in 2025.this year andINE had an additional budget of almost 9 billion pesos. Given inflation and the devaluation of the peso, and 170 thousand boxes have to be installed, The 2025 judicial elections will cost O 10 billion pesos. Are there resources for this purpose?

One more detail this is an initiative postulates that judicial candidates will be given “fair” time on television and radio. But in 2025 the state will not have free time for this purpose.. If you think about the regular elections of judges every 3 years, simultaneously with the elections of deputies, senators or president, it turns out that there is an insurmountable limit: That 48 minutes of state time are available in these media for election purposes. No more. Not yet. INEC buys TV timeisa, TV Azteca and radio broadcasters. It increasesriver mouth price.

It is important to know What do ordinary citizens get? elected by popular vote judges, or the winners will be the bosses of criminal groups organizedor owners of money who will have their ownpreferred candidates to make them Judges at your service. Judicial reform for whom?

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