Atlantic Police confirm deaths of crew of crashed plane

Atlantic Police confirm deaths of crew of crashed plane

Two crew members of a aeroplane light aircraft with registration HJ-097, apparently owned by the aviation school and company Aeroplus Los Campanoswere the fatalities of a plane crash registered on the morning of this Wednesday, June 26, in the jurisdiction of the municipality Juan de Acostain the coastal area of Atlantic Ocean.

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Police said they were aware of the Sinister around 8:30 in the morning, after residents of the city Saint Veronica will warn of precipitation on the land of the airplanes in the El Jobo sector, within the Santa Rosa Farm.

(Slaughtered in Rionegro, Antioquia, they were inhabitants of the coast)

Two versions have been considered for the time being: one, which pilot He was said to have attempted to return to the school base, located in the area, after an apparent mechanical failure. However, there was also talk of a request from the crew to return to their starting point due to bad weather.

What the Atlantic police did confirm is that so far “the causes of this plane crash are unknown.”

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It is worth remembering that in September of the previous year an emergency was reported in the Tubará area, also in the Atlantic Coast Corridor, when a light aircraft, registration HK1437G and from the same company, had to enter the Motorsports circuit to land. Park race track, located on Vía al Mar, near the Caño Dulce spa.

The pilot and his companion, who were unhurt, reportedly stated that the plane had a technical defect, so they rushed to find a landing spot.

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And in January 2022, a small plane had an accident in the same municipality of Tubará emergency and had to make an improvised landing in a hilly area.

Civil aviation at the time indicated that it was an ultralight aircraft, registration HJ326, that was making a recreational flight from Los Campanos airport, located in Tubará, Atlántico, which made an emergency landing in an unprepared field, apparently due to mechanical failure.

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After landing, the entity said, the plane overturned and sustained significant damage. The pilot and a passenger, the only occupants, were unharmed.

“The Technical Directorate for Accident Investigation has ordered the transfer of an investigator from Bogotá, to facilitate the initial phase of this event and determine its causes,” Aerocivil said.

Source: El heraldo