They murder a man in Villa Sol in the living room of his house

On Tuesday, July 9, after 11:30 p.m., a search was carried out at a home in the neighborhood Villa Sol neighborhood, in the municipality of Soledad, the murder of Kevin Rafael Perez Vides, 32 years old.

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The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police It has been provisionally established that criminals were waiting for the victim a few metres from his home, located at Carrera 1C with diagonal 54B, in the sector in question.

Pérez Vides allegedly left the house to throw out the trash and came face to face with the two subjects, so he threw away the bag with the trash and then ran away to seek shelter. However, the criminals chased him and shot him repeatedly in the living room of his own home. The man’s death was instantaneous.

Amidst the shouting and the explosions of the firearm, Neighbors from the sector left their homes, but did not dare to pursue the two people who took part in the punitive action.

Until now The motives for this attack are unknown.

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Source: El heraldo