Kyle shocked audience at Love Is Blind reunion

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the finale. Love is blind.

Kyle only regrets one thing during his involvement with the Netflix hit: that he didn’t try hard enough to make Deepti Vempati his wife. This meaning hits like a bomb in the meeting. “I should have proposed to Deepti,” she admits. “This is what I learned: I screwed up everything. I mean, I love him so much, he’s the best. I wanted to see what’s ahead of me.”

Apparently, Deepti knew about Kyle’s feelings for her before the meeting. She didn’t blink or blush during the confession. And this (strange) TikTok video shot before the merge suddenly looks a lot less innocent. Will Deepti give Kyle a chance or is he just a friend…?

Contestant Deepti, who probably has the most beautiful interior of all the participants, has managed to fall in love with perhaps the most superficial person you have met during filming. In the second season, viewers could see that Shake compared Deepti to her aunt several times and did not find her physically attractive.

According to other participants, what can be seen on Netflix is ​​just the tip of the iceberg and a “watered down version” of reality. Finally, Deepti’s constant suspicion erupted and she chose for herself when she left Shake at the altar. A choice that not only he, but also his family and the cast support 100%.

How it goes between Kyle and Deepti can undoubtedly be followed.

Source: RTL