With this handy cleaning plan, your house is always ready for a visit. †

With this handy cleaning plan, your house is always ready for a visit.  †

daily plan

Make sure you do a few things every day so that your house always stays fresh and always looks clean.

  • Wash the dishes every day or put the dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Keep a clean and tidy counter.
  • Have you used cheats? Throw them away immediately after use.
  • Always make your bed in the morning (so don’t do it right away) and open the windows for some fresh air.

weekly list

You also have work to do every week. If you keep this weekly, you have the least work to do, because that way you keep track of your cleaning chores.

  • Change your bedding (yes, this should be done weekly)
  • Clean your kitchen (outdoor cabinets, change the garbage bag, clean the sink, etc.)
  • cloth in the bathroom
  • Vacuum and clean your whole house

Daily tasks

It’s a good idea to choose an area that will give you extra attention every day. This way you don’t have to do the weekly work in one day. If you choose to clean your bathroom on Monday, you will be ready in an hour instead of working all day.


Start each month with bigger jobs and a thorough cleaning. Are you new to this subscription? Then start with a big cleaning. Once you have completed and followed the daily cleaning plan, the next big cleaning will be “an apple egg”.

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