“Battle factor” in Alexander Kiev: “We will definitely win” –

“Battle factor” in Alexander Kiev: “We will definitely win” –

He looks calm, but deep in his war skin. Alexander shows a video recording near his house. Charred bodies, a dead dog, a hit car, blood on the asphalt. ‘This is the worst I’ve ever seen. This is what the ‘liberation’ of the Russians looks like.”

Sleep is good. Not good but enough. “I’m not a robot, I just need rest. I manage to sleep with the missiles aimed at Kiev. I’m just thinking, I won’t let those bastards ruin my sleep and then I’ll fall asleep.”

“It’s hard to shoot young Russians”

For now, Kiev is holding out, although a contingent has approached 60 kilometers to the north and may be besieging the city. “We were not sufficiently prepared for an attack from Belarus, which allowed the troops to go deep into the country. We let them deep into the country, so now they have security issues. Supply due to obstacles,” he said.

“There are also many young soldiers between the ages of 18 and 20 on the Russian side,” says Aleksandr. “I have heard that it is difficult to shoot such young and ignorant guys from the Ukrainian side.”

Alexander hears from the soldiers that some Russian soldiers have fled and are returning. “They thought they would be greeted with flowers as rescuers; That’s what they were told. And they were surprised that almost every village in Ukraine has streetlights and paved roads, which is different in many Russian cities.”

the soul of Kiev

Reports of desertion of soldiers are widely shared in Ukraine, but cannot be verified. In any case, such stories serve as a moral impulse. So is the story of ‘Ghost of Kiev’, an unknown fighter pilot who reaches almost legendary heights after a week of warfare. It reportedly shot down six Russian planes on the first day of the invasion; now the counter would already be at 21.

Former President Poroshenko shared a photo of the so-called “ghost”:

Source: NOS