Ukraine: Zaporozhye nuclear power plant systems remain intact and radiation remains normal –

Ukraine: Zaporozhye nuclear power plant systems remain intact and radiation remains normal –

Security systems at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, the largest in Europe; Continue without logging problems and radiation levels remain within normal limits; Two days after Russian forces took over the facility, the Ukrainian nuclear regulator reported on Sunday.

The announcement was made by the National Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulations of Ukraine in a statement on its website. Two of the plant’s six reactors are connected to the grid; While one is off and the other three are closed.

“The Zaporozhye plant’s operational team oversees the reactors and Ensures safe operation in accordance with the requirements of the operational documentation“, he explained.

For example, he emphasized that “the automatic radiation monitoring system and the automatic radioactive situation monitoring system in the control and observation areas are operating normally. No radiation change in facilities or control observation areas.”

“The presence of armed enemy forces on the territory of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and the presence of heavy equipment near the power plant and at the power plant. It puts psychological pressure on employees and society.” He denounced it before pointing to a “delay” in cell phone communications.

“Most ISPs cannot provide their services. There are problems with access to food and supplies. “All of this negatively affects staff morale and has a significant impact on nuclear safety and radiation from nuclear power plants,” the agency said.

National Inspectorate of Ukraine’s Nuclear Regulations Early Friday confirmed the acquisition of Zaporozhye He added that “employees remain in their jobs while operations personnel monitor the status of production departments and ensure that they operate in accordance with the procedural requirements of safe operations.”

After that, the Russian government emphasized that operations at the factory – which it said took place during the daytime on Monday – had resumed normally and Ukrainian “saboteurs” are blamed for the fires that broke out at the property a few hours ago. Kiev blamed the Russian military for the missile attack.

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Rafael Grossi, in turn, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He offered to meet with Ukrainian and Russian delegations at the Chernobyl plant to discuss safety guarantees for nuclear installations.

He also said that the building in which the fire started “This is the surrounding construction of the reactors” And confirmed that, despite the complaint of the Ukrainian government in this regard, there are no changes in the radiation levels.

(Reported by Europa Press)

Source: La Neta Neta