After the shooting at Vinkeveen, six people were arrested, one seriously injured.

The police arrested six people this morning after a shooting in a parking lot in Vinkeveen. Many people were injured as a result of the gunfire. One of them is in serious condition.

The first news of the attack came from the parking lot of the Harbor Club and the Leonardo Hotel around 4:30 am. This location is located near the Vinkeveen exit of the A2. There was a party at the Harbor Club until 4pm last night.

When the police arrived at the parking lot, they saw that many people had been injured. The area was closed off and those who wanted to leave were checked. However, some suspects had already fled. The police were able to find and rescue them in their car a little further north, near the AMC in Amsterdam.

To the hospital

A man in the car was so injured that he had to go to hospital, RTV Utrecht reports. Several other suspects were also injured, police said.

The police are investigating what exactly happened. The exact role and involvement of the six suspects is also still unclear.

Source: NOS