Russia begins to halt gas shipments to Europe

Russia began to cut off gas supplies to Europe by cutting supplies to Bulgaria and Poland for refusing to pay in rubles for Russian fuel, a measure described by Brussels as “blackmail” and could affect other European buyers by mid-May, the Kremlin warned.

“Gazprom has completely stopped gas deliveries to Bulgaraz (Bulgaria) and PGNiG (Poland) because they had not paid rubles for deliveries in April,” the Russian gas giant said.

Both Bulgaria and Poland are also transit states and therefore Gazprom It has already warned of consequences for the rest of the countries in the event of an unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas.

the Russian president, Vladimir Puticn, decreed on March 31 that countries deemed “unfriendly” by Western sanctions to the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, including all member states of the European Union (EU), they have to pay for gas in rubles.

Source: El heraldo