Ukrainian government forces arrest Russian soldiers for parade

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) noted that captured enemies should be treated with “honour”, and the Russian government accused the Ukrainian authorities of “torturing” detained soldiers.

Ukraine is concerned about protecting its image against Russia, which invaded the country on February 24 and killed hundreds of civilians. The country is the subject of a unique international solidarity campaign.

But on Friday, Ukrainian authorities lined up 10 young Russian soldiers with their faces scarred or scratched under the neon lights of a newsroom in Kiev.

They had red eyes, some dodging the cameras, staring at the wall or their boots. But others seemed more relaxed.

For the second time in a week, the Ukrainian security services SBU carried out such a request.

Under the Geneva Convention, the ICRC states that “prisoners of war and civilian prisoners must be treated with dignity at all times and protected from ill-treatment and public exposure, including in images publicly circulating on social media. cries”.

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AFP asked the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the SBU about this, but they declined to comment.

In a video, presidential adviser Oleksii Arestovich limited himself to “humane treatment of prisoners” and noted that Ukraine’s western partners remained vigilant.

“Your Army”

On Friday, the scene was painful. The soldiers arrived at the location of the press conference, the headquarters of the Ukrainian news agency Interfax, and were lined up blindfolded with tape. An AFP reporter found that they held each other’s shoulders to keep from falling.

Russian soldier in ukraine.png

One of the soldiers' eyes had been exposed with duct tape.

One of the soldiers’ eyes had been exposed with duct tape.


They were then taken to a room where several videos were shown to them. According to the sound heard, they resembled images of bombings. “Jytomyr, Kharkiv, Chernigov, look what your army is doing,” they told a Ukrainian officer behind the door.

“You know they will tell their families that they died in the exercises, not that they were here,” he added, reassuring the families of the Russian soldiers that they were “lucky” to show their families that they were still alive.

Next, young soldiers in Russian uniforms have to report to the cameras their number, the number of their troops and the conditions under which they arrived in Ukraine.

They then claimed that Russia was willing to denounce its actions in Ukraine, a statement that casts doubt as they have done the same.

They all made sure they were treated well and came to the conclusion by asking the Russians not to believe President Vladimir Putin’s “lies”.


Russia did not specifically comment on these stagings, but Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced on February 27 that Russian prisoners of war were subjected to the same “torture” as that perpetrated by “German Nazis and their allies”.

The Ukrainian army searched the mothers of captured Russian soldiers and created a website to organize their trip to Ukraine from a border crossing on the Polish border so that they could pick up their children.

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“Unlike Putin’s fascists, we Ukrainians do not wage war against mothers and their children in captivity,” Ukraine’s defense ministry said in a statement.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, 200 Russian soldiers have been taken prisoner since February 24. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that it was captured by 572 Ukrainian fighters.

However, it is not possible to verify these figures. The ICRC explained to AFP that it was unable to exercise its right to visit detainees “due to the current escalation”.

Source: Ulti Mahora