Day 8 of the war in Ukraine, these are the latest developments –

Day 8 of the war in Ukraine, these are the latest developments –

The city authorities of the strategically located port city of Mariupol reported that the city was under siege and that Russian troops bombed the city’s civilian infrastructure, depriving residents of water and electricity.


acts of war

  • At 12:16 a.m. a residential area in the northern frontline city of Chernihiv was bombed with rockets. Ukrainian officials say there has been a Russian airstrike on civilians. According to the emergency services, at least 33 civilians were killed and 18 were injured in the bombing.

Cluster munitions may have been used in this bombardment:

  • Russian tanks reached Zaporizhzhya. A spokesman for Ukraine’s interior ministry said Russian troops opened fire in the city. The city in southeastern Ukraine is home to the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.
  • The number of Ukrainians fleeing the country exceeds one million. That says the refugee organization UNHCR, part of the United Nations. A total of 44 million people live in Ukraine, which means that more than 2% of the population has now fled.
  • The mayor of the port city of Kherson in southern Ukraine said Russian troops are in the city and are already at the town hall. Russia has previously said it controls the city, but this has been denied by the Ukrainian government and the United States. Now the mayor says there are no more Ukrainian soldiers in the city. “Only citizens and people who want to LIVE here,” the statement reads. He urges the public to only go out in broad daylight.
  • Ukrainian President Zelensky said in a video message that 9,000 Russian soldiers have been killed so far. Russia reported deaths for the first time since the war; According to the government, 498 Russians were killed.


Diplomacy and Politics

  • Ukraine and Russia have agreed on the free passage of civilians who want to leave the conflict zones. Corridors (passages) are made for them. A new third round of negotiations will take place shortly, both parties reported.
  • In a letter to the House of Representatives, Defense Minister Ollongren said that the cabinet would again supply extra goods to Ukraine. This concerns vehicles, combat rations, sleeping bags, laptops and protective equipment.
  • Russian President Putin said at a Security Council meeting that the Russian “military operation” in Ukraine is proceeding according to plan. He called the Russian soldiers heroes. He also claimed that Ukrainian troops were using civilians as human shields.
  • Moldovan President Sandu has signed an official application for Moldova to join the European Union, Reuters news agency reported.
  • The International Criminal Court in The Hague has officially started collecting evidence of war crimes committed in Ukraine since 2013, when the conflict erupted in the southeast of the country. Prosecutor Karim Khan said the investigation was officially launched after 39 countries filed a request. The Netherlands is one of these countries.
  • Prime Minister Rutte describes the situation in Ukraine as distressing. “Russian aggression is completely unprecedented,” he said in a statement. “This aggression is also starting to focus more and more on military targets, but also on civilian targets, so civilians.”

In this video we discuss the situation in Ukraine with defense expert Bob Deen, Eastern Europe expert at the Clingendael Institute:

Sanctions and Support Measures

  • The United States has imposed new sanctions on several Russians over the war in Ukraine. Putin’s press secretary and other personal allies of the Russian president are among those affected by the sanctions.
  • Within three days, Giro555 received more than 10 million euros to help war-stricken Ukrainians. The action started on Monday and 11 humanitarian organizations are working together. The profit is for drinking water, medical care and shelter.
  • Furniture giant IKEA has decided to temporarily stop its activities in Russia and Belarus because of the war. This means, among other things, that all IKEA stores in Russia will be closed.
  • The Hermitage in Amsterdam severs ties with the national museum of the same name in Saint Petersburg. The Amsterdam Museum displays works of art from the collection of the Russian Hermitage, one of the largest museums in the world.
  • Formula 1 no longer races in Russia. The current contract is torn.
  • The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced that Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be allowed to participate in the Paralympic Games.

Russian troops still besiege the city of Kharkov. Local residents saw the scale of the bombing this morning:

Source: NOS