Elisa Cario addresses Javier Miley: “Many have created terrible dictatorships in Europe with the same word”

Elisa Cario addresses Javier Miley: “Many have created terrible dictatorships in Europe with the same word”

Elisa Cario addresses Javier Miley: “Many have created terrible dictatorships in Europe with the same word”

The leader of the civic coalition noted that he says “what young people expect”.

Elisa Cario
Elisa Cario

Against the background of opposition movements, Elisa Cario “He targeted Javier Miley this Thursday and argued that he was a risk to democracy.”Many were with the same speech that ended in a terrible dictatorship in Europe, especially before World War II“, Held.

The leader of the Civic Coalition was different from former President Mauricio Macri, who expressed sympathy for the libertarian economist. “I’m afraid of snake eggs“, – said the former MP and added:Radical evil can manifest itself in history in the ideas of goodness“.

Cario noted in the statements TNThat economist “He has very good coaches,” he said, adding that “what young people expect is a magical solution.” In addition, he blamed To be funded By right-wing Protestant sectors in the United States “seeking to overthrow liberal democracies.” He even said to the consultant Jamie Duran Beard Belonged to that network.

The leader noted that this movement comes from the time of Ronald Reagan in the White House. “They are very extreme right-wing sectors in the world that are associated with very heavy Protestant churches, the Moscow Patriarchate or very strong Orthodox churches. They fund what I call the overthrow of liberal democracies and the birth of authoritarianism alongside capitalism.“, He added.

In this context, Cario noted that “World War III” is relatively close The current situation with regard to the rise of Adolf Hitler in GermanyAnd connected him to Miley as part of a world scheme. “This is an international phenomenon that is represented in Argentina from the right by miles“, – he noted.

Javier Miley during the Mendoza
Javier Miley during the Mendoza

And deepened: “He can become not the president of a liberal republican democracy that has rights for all, but a mass authoritarianism that will eliminate many of those who voted for him, even the poor.“, Shooting.

Cario claimed that “ignorance is the source of evil” and added that “there were even many liberal Jews” who elected Chancellor, who started World War II. “The Germans did not vote for Hitler in bad faith, but then millions of people died.“, Graphic.

The reviewer said so You Javier Miley’s “face is horrible”. And he also asked her to pay attention to his eyes. “Human eyes glow, darken or remain fixed. Miley always rolls her eyes“Beyond the look on his face,” he said.

The former MP recalled having a brief meeting with Miley in the corridors of a TV studio and said he had met himself “with a lot of love”. He also argued that “Copies his speech” Like Nestor Kirchner, especially with regard to the “moral contract,” though he was accused of manipulating his ideas.

In fact, he argued that the space led by the economist was “manipulating the notion of freedom.” “There are times when these occurrences occur when societies are angry or frustrated. ” Analyzed and warned that “Libertarianism is the idea of ​​constant pleasure without borders.”

Faced with criticism from the economist, who calls him a “collectivist,” Cario emphasized that “he is a Christian liberal” and laughed at the nickname “political caste” that characterizes the libertarian. In addition, he crossed out a statement that he had never worked and asked to review his digital page. “I refer you to my website which Without any legal request, I have submitted all my evidence for 95 years with previous billing“.

Cario argued that the Argentine political leadership was “lacking in training” and asked that history be remembered and repaired. “There is a generation that did not know about snake eggs“As an unknown man appeared in 40 days, who won the election two years later with 75% of the vote and who was an Austrian non-commissioned officer,” he said, referring to Hitler.

“Macri, the undisputed leader”

Cario did not shy away from referring to “together for change” inside and citing a statement issued by the coalition party table denying Javier Miley’s final alliance. In that sense, it is a phrase that has had an impact. “We change without anarchy. “We were and are the edge of the Kirchnerism that Argentina needs and an alternative to profound change.”

Cario revealed that Macri had suggested the word “anarchy”, which was later protested by Patricia Bulrich. “There is a very obvious conflict. “Patricia has introduced herself as Macri’s successor and today Macri is a candidate.” Analyzed by a former MP. Bulrich informs Thursday that closing the door on the libertarian economist is a mistake.

In this regard, the leader said that the former president admitted at the meeting that Javier Miley “had creative ideas” but, at the same time, he said that “he was authoritarian” and that he could “lead the country to anarchy”. “Everybody agreed with that statement. ‘When Patricia arrives, she does not want to oppose Macri because he is her leader,'” he said.

Bulrich, Morales, Cornejo and Valdes, among others, write a statement that closes Miley's door.
Bulrich, Morales, Cornejo and Valdes, among others, write a statement that closes Miley’s door.

And he expanded: “The undisputed leader of the pro is Mauricio MacriAs the undisputed leader Civic Coalition This is me. Მ In Radicalism “There is more pluralistic leadership, but Gerardo Morales is the leader, at least in an important sector of the radical party.”

After the Advanced Opposition on the Unified Bulletin, Cario did not rule out becoming a presidential candidate From the Civic Coalition next year. “In principle, I can be a candidate, if there is one vote, I will follow the principles and go inside,” he added.

I do not rule out that the issue is mixed next yearUncertain in terms of corruption, moral contract and freedom, even if it is I can be there for the debate, However, the Argentine society, 50% of which shares my values, does not vote for me, “he explained.

Along this line, he commented that it works With unit changes “Value Based” And so that “there is no scandalous financing of the campaign” in all areas.Even in you. He said the situation made him “embarrassed” and recalled that he was even offered $ 100 million in resources before the 2015 election. “At this price I do not understand,” was his response, he said.

Source: La Nacion