So he seduced and killed a prostitute in New York: he was sentenced to 30 years

So he seduced and killed a prostitute in New York: he was sentenced to 30 years

So he seduced and killed a prostitute in New York: he was sentenced to 30 years

Angelina Barini, 43, pleaded guilty in August last year; He cried several times during the sentence

A woman convicted of killing four men
A woman convicted of killing four men

Pleaded guilty to distributing the powerful Fentanyl preparation Several men, disabled clients, with a prostitution scheme New York Was sentenced 30 years in prison. Substance Killed four menIncluding Cipriani Dolci chief chef Andrea Zamperon.

The convict is a woman Angelina BarinThe 43-year-old who pleaded guilty in August last year.

Federal Judge Brian Cogan handed down the verdict in Brooklyn Federal Court. There, the magistrate said the woman’s shocking crime “demands punishment” despite her troubled family history and fierce habit of drug use, which “stole something of her free will,” according to published statements. New York Post.

“Nothing can alleviate what you have done here – drug addiction or drug addiction”Said Kogan.

During the sentence, Barin – with long brown hair and blonde stripes – cried several times. The woman was wearing a prison uniform, a blue jumpsuit.

The cousin of one of the victims spoke before the verdict and said he did not sympathize with Barin. “I understand he does not have a good experience,” he said, adding: “But that is not an excuse. He killed four people … He deserves what will happen to him now. “

Prosecutors allege that Barini handed over fentanyl-containing drugs to the victim several times in the summer of 2019. The robbery scheme became deadly three times, in July and August, in Astoria, Woodside and College Point.

Barin was also accused of giving fentanyl to Zamperon on a date, who died at the Elmhurst Motel on August 18.

According to police, the sex worker tried to dispose of the body by wrapping it in bleached sheets and placing it in a trash can.

For her part, Barini’s older sister, who referred to herself as Sally, said the sentence was “a bit harsh” and intended to appeal.

“I think what was not taken into account was that of course what happened was wrong, but the victims put themselves there.Said Salim. “They were not saints,” he stressed, adding: “They went with him. They wanted to party and wanted to have fun with him and have sex. It was not like he took a gun to his head and forced them to go with him. “

The older sister said Barin is a drug addict who is mixed up with the wrong people.

Source: La Nacion